Maintaining Classes and Work Life

I first started taking classes at SNHU in the summer of 2021. I took two classes online and living on campus was never in my plan. However, after taking my second online class, I felt I was missing out on the college experience. In early August I met with my advisor to let her know I wanted to sign up for on campus classes. Soon after, I was registered for on campus classes. I also knew I wanted to take six classes instead of the standard five per semester. With all of the stress of taking extra classes, while also transferring over to on campus learning. I also wanted to get involved in extracurriculars to get more involved on campus life. I knew t I was going to have to get better at time management if I wanted to continue to work and take on a heavier workload at school, as well as getting involved with extracurriculars

In order to maintain my job, schoolwork, classes, and extracurriculars, I had to become very aware of how I was spending my time. A couple of ways in which I have improved my time management skills include writing out my overall schedule, as well as write out what is due in order to prioritize assignment deadlines. First, I create an overview of my schedule to see what I have for work, classes, and events throughout the week. Second, I write down my assignments and due date, which helps me to prioritize assignments by due date.

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