Deciding where to attend college is definitely a big decision to make for anyone. If I am being completely honest, SNHU was not my first choice when I was looking at colleges, which is probably why I went to two colleges prior before eventually transferring to SNHU. 

I started working towards my degree at my local community college in my hometown. I stayed there for a couple of years before eventually transferring to a small school in Virginia during the peak of coronavirus. As you can imagine, being 14 hours away from home, in a city you have never been to before, can be slightly terrifying, and adding the stress of a global pandemic does not make one feel very secure. Because of the stress of being far away from home, and COVID, I moved back home during spring semester.

Due to set backs of moving back home, I was not exactly where I wanted to be academically. I planned on taking a full course load my spring semester, which resulted in me not taking any classes. At this time I was not in the greatest headspace and was dealing with a lot of anxiety, wondering what my next steps would look like. I hit an emotional wall which caused me to feel confused, not knowing where exactly I was going. 

Eventually, the stress and anxiety got better. I was finally at a point where I could consider my  options on how to pursue my degree. I applied to a couple of online colleges, one of which was SNHU. After I had applied I was immediately contacted and asked questions as to what exactly I was looking for to continue my academic success. I was given an advisor who helped me pick online classes that I would be taking over the summer to help me get caught up in my degree. After taking a couple of online classes, I began to ponder the idea of taking in person classes as well. My personality is very outgoing and I was missing the on campus experience.

I enrolled in some classes that were on campus which I believe to be one of the best decisions I have made. Even though I am commuting this semester, the ability to take in person classes has given me the opportunity to make new friendships and become more involved.

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