Utilizing LinkedIn to Market Myself

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for working professionals to advertise their skill sets and talents to potential employers. I have personally used LinkedIn a lot recently to showcase projects that I have worked on at my job, accomplishments that have happened to me while attending SNHU, what clubs and organizations I am apart of, etc. It is a great tool because when looking for a job, or looking for employees (if one is the hiring manager), it provides insight to the person or company.

When I was looking for potential jobs and internships, and I used LinkedIn and the screening platform selected specific jobs and internships that matched my skillset falls. This screening process made it easier and more convenient for me when l was searching for a position. I platform provided a list of companies and catagorized the list relative to my industry interest and skills.

I have a personal connection with the LinkedIn platform because if not for LinkedIn, I would not have made the connection for my summer internship. Here’s my story: I attended a business involvement fair at SNHU, which is an opportunity for companies could meet potential interns. There was one company at this event that I was particularly interested in. I made a connection with the representatives at the event and got the hiring manager’s name and was able to connect with her on LinkedIn. I sent her a message through the LinkedIn platform and we were able to set up a time to meet and go over the job details.

After we discussed the details of what the internship would entail, it seemed like a perfect fit for me. A few days later I was offered the position, and am expected to start at the end of this month. Without LinkedIn, I would not have had the ability for me to connect with the hiring manager, and I most likely would not have gotten an internship. It also gave me the ability to connect with other people who currently work for the company so that way I’ll know a few people before I start.

I think the most important aspect of having a LinkedIn profile is the ability for me to market myself and my talents to potential employers.

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