Using Pinterest-My Personal Experience

In this blog post I will be discussing Pinterest and my personal experiences with it, and what I have used it for in my life. For those of you who do not know, Pinterest is a social media app which allows people to categorize primarily different pictures, and or blog posts into different folders on the app. Many people have folders focused on fashion, food, photography, etc. The app is specifically designed for people to be able to get new insights or inspiration on different topics and things. The app also tracks what each of its users are viewing and pinning to their folders and advertises similar pins that they believe the individual would find interesting.

For me personally, I have used the Pinterest app religiously since 2014. A few of my personal favorite folders that I have created are my clothes board (3,612 pins), my wedding inspiration board (1,445 pins), and my traveling board (655 pins). These boards have made it extremely easy for me to track the pins that I have saved. Very often I am looking for clothing inspiration from day to day and I always look back on what I have saved to my clothes board and then try to replicate a similar outfit.

Aside from just the pins I have saved, I have also uploaded some of my own content onto Pinterest for others to save to their own boards. The content that I uploaded was primarily from a blog site that I was posting on in high school, a lot of the content was based on travels in my life and my personal experiences. As far as user friendliness for people to upload onto Pinterest, I would rate it a 10/10. It was extremely easy for me to upload my blog posts with the URL and choose what image to use for the main pin. I also did not have to pay a certain amount people to see my post, although I am sure that if someone were to want to get more engagement that they would be able to pay Pinterest for their ad to get more engagement.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Pinterest app to anyone who is trying to get inspiration, or is trying to organize certain visions onto different boards. I would also recommend it for people who are trying to get engagement on their social media platforms or blogs.

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