Using Twitter in Business

Twitter is a social media platform that was created to allow people to share their thoughts and opinions in forms of “tweets” or small paragraphs. Twitter is definitely not the main social media platform for most businesses, but it is still important for a business to have a Twitter account.

Many times if a customer has purchased a product from a certain company and is not pleased with what they purchased, they will go to Twitter to vent about their experience. In situations like this, having a Twitter presence is crucial so that the business can apologize to the customer, and try to fix what went wrong.

Twitter also is a useful tool because it allows people to respond to real world events in real time. For example, at the 2020 inauguration there was a photo taken of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders with mittens on, sitting in a chair with his legs crossed posted on Twitter. For some odd reason, this picture became an overnight meme sensation with people coming up with a variety of different captions for it such as, “When mom tells you no”, “This could have been done over email”, etc. Many companies then decided to use this meme to market their products, Shopify posted the meme on their Twitter and captioned it, “Waiting for your first sale” because they are an ecommerce platform.

This helped many businesses by showing Twitter users that they were aware of what was going on, and what people found comical about the meme. By businesses doing this type of marketing style where they are responding to what people are considering relevant can lead to a brand having a sort of personality on its Twitter.

Another example of a business showing a sense of personality on its Twitter is Wendy’s. Throughout the years, Wendy’s Twitter has been known for its comical tweets that they make. Many of which are disses towards their competitors such as McDonald’s and Burger King.

In summary, it is important for businesses to have Twitter accounts because it allows for the business to see what people are finding interesting and relevant. It is also a good tool to connect with current or new customers to address their problems, or see what they are looking for in a product. By using Twitter helps to gain brand engagement and gives a sense of a brands personality.

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