Cam on Campus: Measuring Success

Throughout my personal brand project, I have been able to measure the success of my videos through views, likes, and comments. By viewing these metrics allows for me to track KPIs, engagement from target markets and shows me if the videos I am making relate to others or need improvement. The overall objective of making these videos is to show case campus life through my viewpoint, I have found that because of this these videos do perform well because people do find them relatable.

I find that this is what many people look for when following different social media influencers, they want to see themselves in the people they watch. I have mentioned this idea in my previous blog, “Trippin’ with Tarte & Utilizing Influencer Marketing”. In this blog I discussed the power of influence and the effect it has on different target audiences.

For these influencers to have such powerful influence over their audience they must maintain their content themes, as well as remaining active on social media platforms. When influencers implement themes and consistent activity it helps them improve their rankings.

I think that ultimately when people create content success is when they are proud of the content they are making. When people first start out, they need to not be discouraged with the amount of views and likes they are initially getting. What matters when first starting out is consistency and being proud of the content that is being made, the likes and views will eventually come.

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