Creative Strategy for Cam on Campus

Over a year now I have been working with the communications department for SNHU, the work that I do for the team is creating videos to showcase campus life at SNHU. At my job I have a series that follows me around campus, in this series I ask my fellow peers questions, show different activities to do around Manchester, showcase campus events, and more.

At my job coming up with creative strategies is crucial for my role. Ways my team and I implement creative strategies is by having weekly meetings to discuss content strategy. We do this by having meetings Monday to discuss campus events that are happening throughout the week. After our discussion each member of our team is tasked to cover these different events in creative video format.

Another way we implement creative strategy is to be up to date with different social media trends, ways that we do this is to track the timing of when we are posting. For example, if there is a sound on TikTok that is trending we want to use the sound while it is still trending and not wait until it is no longer popular.

To see what is trending on different platforms there must be research that is done. One way I do this is by viewing what other colleges are sharing on their online channels, after gathering this information I share it with my bosses on if we would like to be sharing similar content. Another aspect of the research process is to see what is trending for keywords and hashtags. By using the tactic of implementing trending sounds, keywords, and hashtags helps to boost engagement and reach different target audiences.

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