Trippin’ with Tarte & Utilizing Influencer Marketing

When I was in high school, I was incredibly active on YouTube, I had certain creators that I would watch each week and began to get invested into their videos. Many of these creators were making lifestyle and beauty content. I watched these set of creators so much that when they would showcase the products, they were using I would find myself purchasing the same things they had because of their influence. I did this because I felt connected to them in some way, I trusted their judgements even though I did not know them personally.

These lifestyle and beauty YouTube creators would also do collaborations and go on brand trips. One brand trip that comes to mind is when Tarte Cosmetics sent many of the YouTuber’s I was watching at the time to Bora Bora. They had sent these girls to Bora Bora to launch their new Rainforest of the Sea collection. While on this trip, many of these YouTuber’s would film vlogs, in these vlogs they would show the beautiful rooms Tarte was having them stay in. While in these rooms these YouTuber’s would also show all the free makeup Tarte was giving them as well as the fun activities the brand had also set up.

When watching all these videos I remember thinking that I wish I was on the Tarte brand trip. Looking back this was all a part of the campaign Tarte had set up. The brand wanted the viewers of these YouTuber’s to think it was so cool that they were sending them to Bora Bora and giving them all the free products. After the brand trip many of the girls would film reviews on the makeup they were getting, I remember after seeing these reviews purchasing a makeup pallet from the collection.

In conclusion, I do believe that this was a successful campaign for Tarte cosmetics. What I observed in this campaign is that Tarte was aware of the influence the YouTuber’s they invited on their trip had on their audience. I think this is an amazing tactic because YouTuber’s and influencers do have such high followings and are sometimes able to reach different people that one brand cannot reach.

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