“Do you really want to know where I was April 29th?” High Infidelity, Taylor Swift

This last weekend I reached a great milestone in my life, by graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. The journey to achieve this degree has been anything but easy, I had transferred two times before finally attending SNHU but when I did, I realized it was a perfect fit.

I am so grateful to have been able to call SNHU home these last two years–from starting as an online student, then commuting, and finally moving onto campus. This experience gave me so many opportunities that I truly believe I would not have been able to have anywhere else.

At SNHU, I joined an amazing sorority: Theta Phi Alpha where I have met some of my best friends and had the opportunity to give back to the Manchester community; as well as be Vice President for the Greek Honors Society, Order of Omega, and Business Honors Society, Delta Mu Delta. 

Along with my extra curriculars, I worked in the on-campus communications office where I had the opportunity to be “Cam on Campus.” by creating TikToks and interacting with fellow peers in the SNHU community. I truly believe I found myself at SNHU, and this amazing school and community has helped shape me into the person I am today. 

I would not have been able to do this without the continuous support of my friends and family who have encouraged me along this journey, as well as my bosses and mentors at SNHU, Steve Boucher and Courtney Lawson.

I am excited to embark on this next chapter in my life and am eager to see what the future has in store.

“Honey, life is just a classroom.” New Romantics, Taylor Swift

Cam’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Welcome to Cam’s Declassified School survival Guide. These are all tips that I wish I knew before coming to college, they range from advice on classes, to advice on life. I hope that after you read these tips you feel enlightened how to survive college.

  • Live by the calendar

One thing that I have learned in college is to put everything in my calendar. This can either be in a paper back agenda or on an online platform. What I have done that has helped me a lot is creating a Google Calendar; I have categorized my calendar by classes and extra curriculars which has helped me a lot and kept me organized.

  • Take notes!

Taking notes helps people absorb information. It keeps people alert and avoid becoming tired or distracted. It is also a great skill to establish because when it comes to studying it is something to review the material that was taught.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

College can be difficult, and professors understand that, believe it or not they were also college students once and they know what it’s like to have to juggle school and life situations. If you are dealing with situations or need extra help on work reach out to your professor and ask for extra help. The same goes for tutoring, most colleges offer free tutoring services with peer help, take advantage of these resources if you need to.

  • Get involved.

Most college freshmen do not know anyone when starting college. In the beginning when classes first start it can feel isolating and that you’re the only one who feels this way. Know you are not alone and many of your fellow peers are feeling the exact same way. I have found that the best way to combat the feeling of being isolated is to get involved. Colleges have a variety of different clubs and organizations to choose from, by joining these clubs allows you to meet people with similar hobbies and interests to you.

  • Take time for yourself!

Burnout is real, and sadly it is becoming increasingly more common for college students to feel burnout. The best way to avoid becoming burnout is to schedule time for yourself, whether that is working out, reading a book, or simply taking a nap. Know that your mental health matters and that it’s okay to do something for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my college survival guide and that it better prepares you for navigating your college experience.

TJX Diversification: Sampling for TJX Beauty and TJX Pet’s

The fortune 500 company I will be diversifying is TJX. TJX is known for its brands such as T.J. Maxx, Marshall, Homegoods, HomeSense, and Sierra. The TJX’s franchise’s claim to fame is its sale of high-end items for a discounted price. The brand has sold everything from apparel to home décor all at a discounted price.

What I want to do to diversify the brand is to create two other brands under the parent franchise of TJX. The first one is a beauty brand, TJX Beauty, that will high-end haircare, skincare, and makeup all at a discounted price. The second brand I want to create for the TJX franchise is a pet supply company called TJX Pet’s, this store would sell pet supplies as well as pet toys and pet accessories.

The target market I have determined for TJX Beauty are women between the ages of 18 to 35, who are making an average wage is between $20,000 to $60,000. I have determined this demographic after analyzing potential competitors demographics in the beauty industry. The company’s demographics that I viewed were Ulta Beauty and Sephora, their sales statistics and consumer behavior allowed for me to determine that this was the audience TJX Beauty should be advertising to.

The target market I have determined for TJX Pets are people from the ages of 35 to 50, who make an annual income between $60,000 to $100,000. Like the research I conducted for TJX Beauty, I also analyzed potential competitors for TJX Pet’s like PetSmart and Petco. When analyzing these statistics, I concluded that this was the primary target market for pet supplies. Another method of research I did to determine this target market was investigate the main age groups for people who have pets which was people from the ages of 35 to 50.

When it comes to creating new companies there must be a lot of research and sampling that is done to best understand the target audiences wants and needs. I will collect these samples by utilizing the TJX franchise established database of customer information. I will use this database by finding people that fit the demographics for each company I am creating. Once I have found these people that fit the demographics, I will invite them to participate in in-person and email surveys to best understand their wants and needs in products. To entice them to participate in these surveys I will give them discount codes and gift cards to any TJX brand as compensation for their time.

Cam on Campus: Measuring Success

Throughout my personal brand project, I have been able to measure the success of my videos through views, likes, and comments. By viewing these metrics allows for me to track KPIs, engagement from target markets and shows me if the videos I am making relate to others or need improvement. The overall objective of making these videos is to show case campus life through my viewpoint, I have found that because of this these videos do perform well because people do find them relatable.

I find that this is what many people look for when following different social media influencers, they want to see themselves in the people they watch. I have mentioned this idea in my previous blog, “Trippin’ with Tarte & Utilizing Influencer Marketing”. In this blog I discussed the power of influence and the effect it has on different target audiences.

For these influencers to have such powerful influence over their audience they must maintain their content themes, as well as remaining active on social media platforms. When influencers implement themes and consistent activity it helps them improve their rankings.

I think that ultimately when people create content success is when they are proud of the content they are making. When people first start out, they need to not be discouraged with the amount of views and likes they are initially getting. What matters when first starting out is consistency and being proud of the content that is being made, the likes and views will eventually come.

Creative Strategy for Cam on Campus

Over a year now I have been working with the communications department for SNHU, the work that I do for the team is creating videos to showcase campus life at SNHU. At my job I have a series that follows me around campus, in this series I ask my fellow peers questions, show different activities to do around Manchester, showcase campus events, and more.

At my job coming up with creative strategies is crucial for my role. Ways my team and I implement creative strategies is by having weekly meetings to discuss content strategy. We do this by having meetings Monday to discuss campus events that are happening throughout the week. After our discussion each member of our team is tasked to cover these different events in creative video format.

Another way we implement creative strategy is to be up to date with different social media trends, ways that we do this is to track the timing of when we are posting. For example, if there is a sound on TikTok that is trending we want to use the sound while it is still trending and not wait until it is no longer popular.

To see what is trending on different platforms there must be research that is done. One way I do this is by viewing what other colleges are sharing on their online channels, after gathering this information I share it with my bosses on if we would like to be sharing similar content. Another aspect of the research process is to see what is trending for keywords and hashtags. By using the tactic of implementing trending sounds, keywords, and hashtags helps to boost engagement and reach different target audiences.

Trippin’ with Tarte & Utilizing Influencer Marketing

When I was in high school, I was incredibly active on YouTube, I had certain creators that I would watch each week and began to get invested into their videos. Many of these creators were making lifestyle and beauty content. I watched these set of creators so much that when they would showcase the products, they were using I would find myself purchasing the same things they had because of their influence. I did this because I felt connected to them in some way, I trusted their judgements even though I did not know them personally.

These lifestyle and beauty YouTube creators would also do collaborations and go on brand trips. One brand trip that comes to mind is when Tarte Cosmetics sent many of the YouTuber’s I was watching at the time to Bora Bora. They had sent these girls to Bora Bora to launch their new Rainforest of the Sea collection. While on this trip, many of these YouTuber’s would film vlogs, in these vlogs they would show the beautiful rooms Tarte was having them stay in. While in these rooms these YouTuber’s would also show all the free makeup Tarte was giving them as well as the fun activities the brand had also set up.

When watching all these videos I remember thinking that I wish I was on the Tarte brand trip. Looking back this was all a part of the campaign Tarte had set up. The brand wanted the viewers of these YouTuber’s to think it was so cool that they were sending them to Bora Bora and giving them all the free products. After the brand trip many of the girls would film reviews on the makeup they were getting, I remember after seeing these reviews purchasing a makeup pallet from the collection.

In conclusion, I do believe that this was a successful campaign for Tarte cosmetics. What I observed in this campaign is that Tarte was aware of the influence the YouTuber’s they invited on their trip had on their audience. I think this is an amazing tactic because YouTuber’s and influencers do have such high followings and are sometimes able to reach different people that one brand cannot reach.

Diversifying the TJX Brand

The company I have selected to write about for my project is TJX which was ranked number 75 on the list of the top fortune 500 companies. I have chosen to write on TJX because I am a frequent consumer of the brand. What I like about TJX that I believe puts them at an advantage point is the different companies that are under the parent company TJX. These companies consisting of T.J. Maxx, Marshall, Homegood, Homesense, and Sierra. I also like that each of these companies have specific categories in which they fall under such as fashion, home-décor, and outdoor gear.

Two products that I would launch if I was the CEO of TJX is a company specifically focusing on affordable name brand hair, beauty, and skincare products, as well as a store for pet supplies. The name of the beauty line would be called TJK beauty, and the pet supply store would be called TJX Pets.

As of right now, the TJX brand does sell hair, beauty, and skincare products at their T.J. Maxx and Marshalls locations. However, I think that if they created a beauty specific brand it would be very successful. As many people know hair, beauty, and skincare products can be very expensive at stores such as Ulta and Sephora.

I believe that if TJX diversified into the beauty space it would be a success for the company. There are not many beauty suppliers that sell all hair, beauty, and skincare products, which would result in little competition in the industry. The company’s direct competitors would be Ulta and Sephora. While TJX does sell beauty products in its T.J. Maxx and Marshall stores, it can be overwhelming to look for beauty products in these stores, as they sell clothing and home-décor as well. If TJX decides to open a store strictly for hair, beauty, and skincare products, that overwhelming sensation would be removed.

Like the TJX beauty department, T.J. Maxx and Marshall stores also sell products for pets. To own a pet is expensive as many people know, so to have a store that solely sell products for pets would also eliminate the overwhelming feeling of having to look for pet products amongst clothing and home-décor.

By TJX opening a pet supply store they would be greatly diversifying their companies brand and making it more available to all people. Overall, it would be a good idea for the TJX franchise to expand and make more revenue.

Using Twitter in Business

Twitter is a social media platform that was created to allow people to share their thoughts and opinions in forms of “tweets” or small paragraphs. Twitter is definitely not the main social media platform for most businesses, but it is still important for a business to have a Twitter account.

Many times if a customer has purchased a product from a certain company and is not pleased with what they purchased, they will go to Twitter to vent about their experience. In situations like this, having a Twitter presence is crucial so that the business can apologize to the customer, and try to fix what went wrong.

Twitter also is a useful tool because it allows people to respond to real world events in real time. For example, at the 2020 inauguration there was a photo taken of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders with mittens on, sitting in a chair with his legs crossed posted on Twitter. For some odd reason, this picture became an overnight meme sensation with people coming up with a variety of different captions for it such as, “When mom tells you no”, “This could have been done over email”, etc. Many companies then decided to use this meme to market their products, Shopify posted the meme on their Twitter and captioned it, “Waiting for your first sale” because they are an ecommerce platform.

This helped many businesses by showing Twitter users that they were aware of what was going on, and what people found comical about the meme. By businesses doing this type of marketing style where they are responding to what people are considering relevant can lead to a brand having a sort of personality on its Twitter.

Another example of a business showing a sense of personality on its Twitter is Wendy’s. Throughout the years, Wendy’s Twitter has been known for its comical tweets that they make. Many of which are disses towards their competitors such as McDonald’s and Burger King.

In summary, it is important for businesses to have Twitter accounts because it allows for the business to see what people are finding interesting and relevant. It is also a good tool to connect with current or new customers to address their problems, or see what they are looking for in a product. By using Twitter helps to gain brand engagement and gives a sense of a brands personality.

Using Pinterest-My Personal Experience

In this blog post I will be discussing Pinterest and my personal experiences with it, and what I have used it for in my life. For those of you who do not know, Pinterest is a social media app which allows people to categorize primarily different pictures, and or blog posts into different folders on the app. Many people have folders focused on fashion, food, photography, etc. The app is specifically designed for people to be able to get new insights or inspiration on different topics and things. The app also tracks what each of its users are viewing and pinning to their folders and advertises similar pins that they believe the individual would find interesting.

For me personally, I have used the Pinterest app religiously since 2014. A few of my personal favorite folders that I have created are my clothes board (3,612 pins), my wedding inspiration board (1,445 pins), and my traveling board (655 pins). These boards have made it extremely easy for me to track the pins that I have saved. Very often I am looking for clothing inspiration from day to day and I always look back on what I have saved to my clothes board and then try to replicate a similar outfit.

Aside from just the pins I have saved, I have also uploaded some of my own content onto Pinterest for others to save to their own boards. The content that I uploaded was primarily from a blog site that I was posting on in high school, a lot of the content was based on travels in my life and my personal experiences. As far as user friendliness for people to upload onto Pinterest, I would rate it a 10/10. It was extremely easy for me to upload my blog posts with the URL and choose what image to use for the main pin. I also did not have to pay a certain amount people to see my post, although I am sure that if someone were to want to get more engagement that they would be able to pay Pinterest for their ad to get more engagement.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Pinterest app to anyone who is trying to get inspiration, or is trying to organize certain visions onto different boards. I would also recommend it for people who are trying to get engagement on their social media platforms or blogs.

Utilizing LinkedIn to Market Myself

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for working professionals to advertise their skill sets and talents to potential employers. I have personally used LinkedIn a lot recently to showcase projects that I have worked on at my job, accomplishments that have happened to me while attending SNHU, what clubs and organizations I am apart of, etc. It is a great tool because when looking for a job, or looking for employees (if one is the hiring manager), it provides insight to the person or company.

When I was looking for potential jobs and internships, and I used LinkedIn and the screening platform selected specific jobs and internships that matched my skillset falls. This screening process made it easier and more convenient for me when l was searching for a position. I platform provided a list of companies and catagorized the list relative to my industry interest and skills.

I have a personal connection with the LinkedIn platform because if not for LinkedIn, I would not have made the connection for my summer internship. Here’s my story: I attended a business involvement fair at SNHU, which is an opportunity for companies could meet potential interns. There was one company at this event that I was particularly interested in. I made a connection with the representatives at the event and got the hiring manager’s name and was able to connect with her on LinkedIn. I sent her a message through the LinkedIn platform and we were able to set up a time to meet and go over the job details.

After we discussed the details of what the internship would entail, it seemed like a perfect fit for me. A few days later I was offered the position, and am expected to start at the end of this month. Without LinkedIn, I would not have had the ability for me to connect with the hiring manager, and I most likely would not have gotten an internship. It also gave me the ability to connect with other people who currently work for the company so that way I’ll know a few people before I start.

I think the most important aspect of having a LinkedIn profile is the ability for me to market myself and my talents to potential employers.